by: M. J. Crute, May 1996


On 15th December, 1987, an initial meeting was held by representatives from all the existing Residents’ Associations within the area of Oxshott, hence the seeds of FEDORA were sown.

The meeting was held at the instigation of the Bevendean Residents Association; it was their initiative to invite the various representatives and subsequently it was their Chairman James Shaw who became FEDORA’s first Chairman (a post which he held for the next five years as the organisation became established). In the early days the dedicated members of the committee set the foundations for the organisation that works so hard to improve and protect our local environment.

FEDORA was formed with the intention of coordinating an effective response to the continued and varied threats on the Oxshott area. This was to be achieved by bringing all the interested parties together to work and speak with one authoritative voice on matters that affected the whole community, or to assist the individual Residents’ Associations on their own specific problems.

It was not the first organisation in the area to be formed with this intention, but so far, it has been the most successful, in terms of the range of subjects it covers and its continued professional approach to them. Previously there had been groups set up to fight specific threats to our environment, but the true predecessor to FEDORA was The Oxshott Preservation Society, which was active in the 1950’s and 60’s. That group was probably initiated as a result of the impending threat from the post war proposal to construct the Esher Bypass, which at that time was to cut across Oxshott Heath, (eventually built further north in the 1970’s).

At the first meeting of the new organisation, which was held on 29 th. March 1988, the founding committee members were as follows (the officers were confirmed at this meeting):

J. F. Shaw Chairman Bevendean R.A.
Dr. Gidvani Dep. Chairman Broom Hall R.A.
E. Kirby   Heathside R.A.
A. Holding (Mrs.) Asst. Secretary Birds Hill Farm House
E. Holding Treasurer Birds Hill Farm House
R. Gaymer   Bevendean R.A.
J. Bussiere   Wrens Hill R.A.
T. Weston   Knott Park R.A.
H. Stroud Planning Knott Park R.A.
P. Richardson   Birds Hill Est. (observer)
T. Cordy   Danes Court R.A.
P.Batchelor (apol. for abs) Ridgeway R.A.
A.Franklin (apol. for abs) Danes Court R.A.