Notable Events, 1988 - 1996

March 1988 Founded as the Federation of Residents Associations of Oxshott (FEAR for Oxshott).
April 1988 The name was changed to Federation of Oxshott Residents Associations (FEDORA)
May 1988 A Constitution was adopted setting out the aims and objectives of the Organisation.
Sept. 1988 The first FEDORA Newsletter was published
May 1989 The first major crisis was a threat to change Princes Coverts into a major sporting complex
Sept 1989 On the 20th of the month the first AGM was held.
Jan 1990 FEDORA is now a recognised organisation which represents the views of Oxshott residents and has regular contact with all local adjacent Residents Associations, as well as Elmbridge B.C., the Police, S.C.C., British Rail, Crown Estates and of course the local councilors, Elmbridge and Surrey as well as the local M.P.. FEDORA is also a member of Evergreen (Elmbridge Green Belt & Urban Open Space Association).
April 1990 Membership fee stays at £2 per individual. Residents Association fee raised from £25 to £35.
Oct 1991 The Elmbridge local plan was under review. Talk of an Oxshott bypass seemed to be on the agenda again. More helpers were requested to join the management team.
April 1992 The main areas of concern for the committee to monitor were established, these were considered to be; Building Developments, Roads/Traffic, Village Environment, Policing and British Rail, with the addition of any current issue of importance.
June 1993 Review of the organization and the way forward. New style newsletter published (glossy booklet style) with adverts, a number of changes took place in the management team, the individual responsibilities of committee members, which had been established over the previous few years were listed in the newsletter, with contact phone numbers. Graham Clarke took over as chairman.
April 1994 Name revised to Federation of Oxshott Residents and Associations. Introduction of two public meetings a year, one being the AGM, the other being an open meeting for important issues with guest speakers.
Oct 1994 ‘Care and Welfare in the Community’ now included in the subjects covered by the committee.
June 1995 The start of publishing three newsletters a year. The traffic calming ‘Gateways’ and ‘Village Green’ actions completed, both involving a considerable input from FEDORA. This being as a result of traffic problems along with planning issues being the strongest threats to the area.
Oct 1995 Environmental issues such as waste disposal added to the ever growing list of activities.
June 1996 FEDORA negotiating with Elmbridge Council on the ‘Elmbridge Local Plan’ update. The Book initiated by FEDORA ‘The History of Oxshott’ is nearing completion and publication

More information on the activities undertaken each year is detailed in the newsletters.