Prince's Coverts BrochurePrince's Coverts is located on the east side of the A244 to the south of Oxshott village.  It consists of 864 acres of managed woodland owned by the Crown Estates.  The land was originally acquired in 1821 by Prince Leopold of Belgium as a shooting estate; at that time the Prince lived at Claremont Park in Esher.  He became King of the Belgians in 1831, and passed away in 1865 at which time the whole Claremont Estate was re-acquired by the Crown. 

Prince's Coverts is very popular for walking, cycling and running.  Horse-riding is allowed under a permit system and the permits can be purchpc map smallased at a cost of £250 per annum but you will need to go in person to the Savill Building in Englefield Green.  More information is available from  A map is also available from the same website and a copy can be downloaded here.

An excellent brochure was produced by the Crown Estate in about 2000 and provides a lot of fascinating information about Prince's Coverts, its features and history, the flora and fauna, and a map of walking routes. Apparently the brochure is now out-of-print but you can download a copy of it by clicking on the image.  If you just want the map and not the complete brochure, then click on the image of the map. 

If you go walking there, please be sure to follow the instructions in the brochure and stay clear of areas that are being worked.  Note that the brochure mentions a small, refundable key deposit to unlock the gates - this is no longer required and the pedestrian gates are not locked.  Note also that the thick London Clay underlying Prince's Coverts means that in wet weather it becomes very soggy, and in those conditions it is best to keep to the better-maintained paths.



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