Oxshott is a great place; it is why we live here! 

Although there is much still to do to improve our quality of life, action is being taken.  But there is more that each of us individually can do to help.

Where there are problems of any sort in public areas, the responsible authority will assess matters that are brought to its attention and decide on remedial action.  Self-evidently, they cannot deal with matters about which they are unaware.  So, when you see something that needs attention do not leave it for someone else to report - act yourself.  It does not take long and the sooner an issue gets reported, the sooner it will get sorted.  You can report problems online or by phone.  You do not normally have to give your name.  It is necessary to provide an accurate description of the problem and its location together with a small photo, if possible. 

It is helpful to let FEDORA know about maintenance reports so that a central record can be maintained, and any long-term non-compliance chased up: please mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Finally, if each of us keeps the area outside our own property tidy, litter and weed-free with hedges and trees cut back off pavements, this will help Oxshott look well-maintained and be appreciated by us all.

Surrey County Council

For most maintenance matters such as: pavements, loose manholes, potholes, lights, encroaching vegetation, tree ivy.

Phone: 0345 600 9009
Phone: 0300 200 1003 – also for emergencies at out of office times.

Elmbridge Borough Council

Other matters such as: fly tipping, graffiti, street and pavement cleaning, litter, bins, dog fouling, noise.

Phone: 01372 474474

Utility Companies

Where roadworks seems to be taking excessive time - but remember a lack of attendance by a contractor may be allowing two days for concrete to be cured.



You can report a flooding situation, overflowing road gulley, etc, at this website:

There is also a very useful flood-risk assessment map provided by the Environmental Agency, that you can access by clicking on this link

The Flooding page on this website tells you more about what FEDORA is doing to help remedy flooding issues in Oxshott.

Oak Processionary Moth

If you have an oak tree that is within 50 metres of a tree that had an infestation last year, please contact the Forestry Commission at the email address provided below and they will spray it this Spring at no cost to you.  You should report OPM nests as indicated below with a photo and precise tree location, although if the tree is on your land you will need to pay to have the nest removed.  Next year, the Forestry Commission will spray your tree for you.

Private land:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Public land: -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Overflowing Litter Bins

To report overflowing litter bins please see the Elmbridge BC website as follows:

    • For bins on streets, please click on this link - overflowing bins - streets
    • For bins in parks and green spaces, this link will take you to a map where you can report the problem - overflowing bins-parks.  However, this works only for the areas coloured green on the map, and you will notice that there are almost none of those in Oxshott.
    • To report an overflowing bin on Oxshott Heath such as the one shown, for example, you need to go to this EBC webpage, where you need to select "Commons" in the drop-down box, and then are advised to send an email to the Countryside Team -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  However, having done so we have been advised that they are under-resourced in terms of both staff and funds, and are having difficulty handling the greatly-increased amount of litter being generated during lockdown.  The best solution is for everyone to take their litter home.

You might also be interested in joining our enthusiastic litter-picking team.







FEDORA - The Voice for Oxshott CIC
is a registered non-profit company run by a group of individuals who collectively are interested in maintaining and improving the quality of life in our village and its surroundings. 
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FEDORA - The Voice for Oxshott CIC is a non-profit Company set-up to provide benefit to the residents of Oxshott, Surrey.  It is organised and run by its Directors who are focused on maintaining and improving the quality of life in our village and its surroundings.

FEDORA is totally non-sectarian and non-political, and represents the whole of Oxshott.

Enhancing the Quality of Life in and around Oxshott.


FEDORA is funded by individual membership contributions and by advertising in its twice-yearly magazine.  To influence the Company by voting in General Meetings, become a Member. 

Membership of FEDORA is open to anyone who wishes to help in preserving the unique character of Oxshott and surrounding areas.

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