About Us

The Company

FEDORA – the Voice for Oxshott CIC is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee working for the benefit of Oxshott residents.  It is non-sectarian and apolitical. It was first registered in December 2020 as a Community-Interest Company (“CIC”).  


The object of the Company is to carry on activities for the general benefit of the community of Oxshott, Surrey and in particular to take such actions as deemed necessary to conserve and enhance the environment of Oxshott, the amenities and infrastructure of Oxshott village and its surroundings and to bring the Company’s views to the appropriate authorities and other relevant parties.


There are two main groups of stakeholders:

(1) Members who pay an annual subscription and have the right to vote at the Company’s General Meetings.


(2) Supporters who have expressed an interest in our activities and to receive our emails


FEDORA was originally set up in March 1988 with a very similar stated objective to the current Community Interest Company, “to maintain and improve the quality of life in Oxshott and its surroundings”.

In December 2020 it was decided that the FEDORA should incorporate as a Community Interest Company under the name “FEDORA – the Voice for Oxshott CIC”, thereby clearly stating its purpose.


We are organised and run by our Directors and a committee of volunteers who are focused on maintaining and improving the quality of life in our village and its surroundings.



Because FEDORA is registered as a company limited by guarantee, it has Members and not Shareholders.  All supporters can become Members of the Company just by registering online and paying a small annual subscription.  Members can influence how the Company is run and what it does.  

Only Members are able to:

  • Attend and vote at General Meetings;
  • Nominate new Directors;
  • Elect Directors by voting at a General Meeting;
  • Vote on any significant changes to the Company, its purpose, its name;
  • Vote on the Company’s plans and how any significant disbursements are made; and
  • Receive a copy of the Company’s Annual Accounts.

The more Members that we have, the more support that we will be able to demonstrate and the more influence we can have in our discussions with the various local authorities; become a Member HERE.

What we do

FEDORA takes initiatives in key areas, in particular planning, roads (especially the A244), flooding, local infrastructure, planting / landscaping, etc.

  • FEDORA communicates and meets with officials and councillors at Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey County Council, Surrey Highways, our Member of Parliament, etc.
  • Works closely with similar organisations in neighbouring areas of Elmbridge, Residents’ Associations in Oxshott itself to try to ensure an effective, coordinated approach.
  • Sends free e-mail updates about issues of immediate importance to members and supporters and publishes a free magazine twice a year;
  • Provides support and guidance where sought by local Residents’ Associations and in particular for individuals when challenged by planning applications.