In December 2020, FEDORA - The Voice for Oxshott CIC  ("FEDORA" or the "Company") was registered as a Community-Interest Company ("CIC").   Being a CIC means that FEDORA is non-profit and that any funds that it generates will be applied for the benefit of the community of Oxshott.  The company's registration details are at the foot of this web-page.  The Company's incorporation documents can be downloaded here:

Become a Member of FEDORA

Because FEDORA is registered as a company limited by guarantee, it has Members and not Shareholders.  All supporters can become Members of the Company just by paying a small annual subscription and completing a form.  Members can influence how the Company is run and what it does.  More information about how the Company will operate and how you can be involved is in our Q&A document, available by clicking on this link.  

Only Members will be able to:

  • Attend and vote at general meetings;
  • Nominate new Directors;
  • Elect Directors by voting at a general meeting;
  • Vote on any significant changes to the Company, its purpose, its name;
  • Vote on the Company’s plans and how any profit is applied; and
  • Receive a copy of the Company’s annual accounts.

The more Members that we have, the more support that we will be able to demonstrate and the more influence we can have in our discussions with the various local authorities; become a Member by clicking here.

What is FEDORA Doing?

Over the past 18 months FEDORA has been rejuvenated and become increasingly active.  The benefits that it brings to Oxshott include:

  • FEDORA has taken initiatives in key areas, in particular planning, roads (especially the A244), flooding, local infrastructure, planting/landscaping, etc.;
  • FEDORA communicates with and coordinates with officials and councillors at Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey County Council, Surrey Highways, our Member of Parliament, Surrey Police, Network Rail, etc.;
  • We work closely with similar organisations in neighbouring areas of Elmbridge, including Residents' Associations in Oxshott, to try to ensure a coordinated approach.
  • Residents get e-mail updates (40 in the past 12 months) and a magazine twice a year;
  • Without FEDORA, residents would not have any organisation acting on their behalf;
  • FEDORA operates through the efforts of a core group of people who collectively provide over 5000 hours of unpaid personal time each year;
  • Annual running costs amount to under £5,000 which is spent on: advice from external experts such as a highways consultant; administrative running costs such as internet and web-hosting; supplies and labour for planting and landscaping; etc.;
  • All we are asking is for supporters to contribute £10 each and become Members, to enable FEDORA to be able to continue to work on behalf of Oxshott residents.

Please support us by becoming a Member of FEDORA.  We look forward to welcoming you.



FEDORA - The Voice for Oxshott CIC
is a registered non-profit company run by a group of individuals who collectively are interested in maintaining and improving the quality of life in our village and its surroundings. 
Find out more and join FEDORA.

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About Us

FEDORA - The Voice for Oxshott CIC is a non-profit Company set-up to provide benefit to the residents of Oxshott, Surrey.  It is organised and run by its Directors who are focused on maintaining and improving the quality of life in our village and its surroundings.

FEDORA is totally non-sectarian and non-political, and represents the whole of Oxshott.

Enhancing the Quality of Life in and around Oxshott.


FEDORA is funded by individual membership contributions and by advertising in its twice-yearly magazine.  To influence the Company by voting in General Meetings, become a Member. 

Membership of FEDORA is open to anyone who wishes to help in preserving the unique character of Oxshott and surrounding areas.

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