Co-Chair Carmen M. Robinson (01372) 842128
Co-Chair Anthony Wolfe 842160
Treasurer Anthony Wolfe 842160
Membership Carmen Robinson 842128
Planning & Developments Mike Wheeler 07831 662252
Danes Hill School Community Relations Ian Dilks 844535
Communications Alec Robinson 842128
Roads Allan Bleach 842011
Railways Vacant  
Police Vacant  
Advertising Carmen M. Robinson 842128
Magazine David A. D. Cooke 842873
Website David A. D. Cooke 842873

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Photo of Black Pond
Black Pond. © Alec Robinson

To discover more about Oxshott or how to advertise in the FEDORA newsletter or feature on these pages, contact the corresponding FEDORA committee member shown in the table above by e-mail or by phone (using the prefix 01372 if dialling from outside Oxshott), or send an e-mail to