What FEDORA stands for ...

(from the Newsletter, June 1996)

FEDORA is the FEDeration of Oxshott Residents and Associations, a body of individuals who collectively are interested in maintaining and improving the quality of life in our village and its surroundings.

FEDORA is an effective voice representing the whole of Oxshott. It is totally non-sectarian and non-political.

Oxshott Village
Oxshott Village centre. Photo © Alec Robinson

Preserving the quality of life in and around Oxshott.

We seek to influence road, traffic, building, and environmental policies to benefit the totality of residents. To this end, we monitor all planning applications in the village, road and traffic development plans and waste management schemes in Elmbridge and neighboring boroughs; the performance of the railway services, police, local enterprises and health and community services which impinge on the broader aspects of daily Life; and the deputed representatives on the Management Committee hold themselves available research and answer residents’ questions.

 An effective voice -

Members of the Management Committee confer regularly with Elmbridge and Surrey County Council officers, local and County Councilors, local Members of Parliament, the police, government departments, the officers of the Crown Estates Commissioners and regulatory authorities on relevant issues. They are also interested in healthcare and community services available to residents.

By building up a close and personal liaison and offering constructive comments (and criticism where necessary) Committee members as a team are able to gain an insight into the thoughts and mechanisms of these bodies which would be very difficult for an individual to achieve.

FEDORA co-operates with neighbouring Residents’ Associations to strengthen the collective voice at Council and national level.

FEDORA publishes a newsletter twice a year, in Spring and Autumn. It is distributed free to all households in the area. The newsletter is financed by advertising revenue received mainly from local enterprises who seek business from residents and who support our cause. The aims of the newsletter are to keep residents: abreast of developments, aware of local issues, knowledgeable of the range and quality of services available to them, interested in the history of Oxshott and its residents, and entertained with occasional articles of style and wit.

Non-sectarian and non-political

FEDORA is not affiliated to any political party or other body and does not seek to represent any interest other than the totality of Oxshott residents in the physical and social quality of their life.

FEDORA does not represent any individual, but can and does give advice on the proper channel and approach to promote an individual resident’s interest. Apart from the individual members, who make up the largest section of FEDORA’s membership and income, the Committee carries representatives of the various Residents' Associations, Road Associations, Management Companies, the Oxshott Heath Conservators and the Local History Forum.

Join FEDORA and help safeguard Oxshott against the pressures of modern expansion. Individual membership is only £2.00 + an optional donation, per calendar year. To contact FEDORA please phone one of our committee members or send us an e-mail at website@fedora.org.uk.