Historically FEDORA always held an Annual General Meeting (“AGM”). When writing the new Articles of Association for the incorporation of FEDORA, the team included an Article requiring that there be an AGM every year – this is not part of the standard model Articles but was added by the FEDORA team.  While the team envisaged that the AGM would be held in November of each year there is flexibility to hold it at any other time before the end of November.

The final AGM of the “old FEDORA” was held in September 2020.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions, the meeting was held on-line using Zoom.  There were 35 participants.

The first AGM of the “new FEDORA” was originally hoped to be in June, 2021, but had to be delayed because of COVID restrictions.  It was re-scheduled and held on 30th September, 2021, as an in-person meeting at the Oxshott Village Centre.